Friday, January 11, 2008

And what comes dragging behind...

So, now that we've seen what I accomplished last year, let's take a look at what is still lingering...

In first place, the long-languishing Hex Coat:

hex coat

This is not a recent picture, but it's all I have at the moment. Started in June 2006! All the pieces are finished and seamed up. And I've knit three of the hexes. And I can't muster any more. I'm just not convinced that I'll ever wear it, but I can't bear to rip it, so I ignore it.

Any suggestions?

Coming in second, the U-Neck Vest from Fitted Knits:

Wad o' WIPs

Again, not the greatest picture. But see the green blob that isn't the Hex Coat? Yeah, that. I've had a bunch of Patons Canadiana (read 100% acrylic) in the stash for 5 years or so and figured I should do something with it. But I'm such a yarn snob these days, I just can't even handle it. So, it's going to get ripped and the yarn donated somewhere. Nice. Check one off the list.

Ok, third. Last seen here, the Phildar Asymmetrical Cardigan:

I like... blocking wires (39)

Once again, I'll apologize for the outdated photo. This was seamed up over the long Thanksgiving weekend, and is just waiting for the stupid buttonbands to be grafted on. I tried three times and couldn't make it look right, so it has been in a time out. Time to pick it up and finish it once and for all.

And fourth, the Gentleman's Dahlia Socks:

Gentleman's Dahlia

I finished the first one in September, and put it down for more interesting projects. But, I cast on for the second one this week and am carrying it around with me. Yay for transit knitting.

Ok, are you still here? Finally, we come to the Faux Russian Stole:

Faux Russian Stole

Knit out of my own KoolAid dyed Knit Picks yarn, this is still chugging along. There is a lot going on with the pattern, and is definitely not a lace chart that I would ever be able to memorize. But I haven't abandoned it, and still sit down and knit a few rows when I have a moment and a brain.

This week I cast on for the Cambridge Jacket for the Man, so there's that too... and my Ravelry queue.

I am hoping to do wrap up all of these WIPs shortly. There are a few deadline projects coming up which will hinder my progress, but I'm looking forward to having no "Hibernating" projects in my Ravelry profile. (More details about each project are available to Ravelry beta-testers here. Or you can just ask.)

Have a great weekend!!