Monday, February 11, 2008

Crisis averted

It has recently come to light that either I shouldn't be allowed to knit and watch movies at the same time, or that I'm just an idiot.

Saturday morning I had proudly reached arm-hole level on the Cambridge Jacket and asked the Man if it was long enough. I held it up to his back and yelled in anguish.

Exhibit 1:
Damn it!

Can you see it?

Exhibit 2:
Damn it!

Hi, I'm an idiot.

The sweater was promptly put on a "time out" until further notice. But, with some coaxing and encouragement from my LYSO, I fixed it on Sunday afternoon.

Exhibit 3:
I got myself to the correct stitches. And then triple checked to be sure I really was at the correct stitches. I dropped them off and pulled them out, and then crocheted them back up properly.

Exhibit 4:
Ta da! All fixed. What a relief.