Thursday, June 08, 2006


So, I have given in to peer pressure. My LYS (the wonderful, beautiful, awesome Noe Knit) has started a Clapotis knit along. I went there and bought Rowan Cashcotton DK in a lovely sage green the day I heard about it and have been madly dropping stitches since. I am almost through my 8th repeat of section 3.

I have always been wary of blocking. But in this case, I can already see that I need to get over it and block my little heart out. The twisted stitches are getting tweaked when I pull the dropped stitches out, and I think blocking will help even them out and help the FO retain its shape better.

For those afraid of blocking like me, Eunny Jang has a thorough tutorial on blocking that helped allay my fears.

Also, for your viewing pleasure a picture that shows the beauty of a perfectly blocked Clap (in black linen yarn - hmm... I may need one of those too!)

Oh yeah, and I made the Man a beanie out of Rowan summer tweed.