Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Coming clean

My official yarn diet ended on Sept. 21st, so I guess it's time to come clean.

laceweight stash
This is my lace stash. It's enough for about 5 scarves or stoles, with one already in progress. (Clicky for details).

Not too bad, right?

sock yarn
This is my sock stash. Enough for about 13 pairs of socks, with a couple in progress and a Baby Surprise Jacket also in progress.

Again, not too terrible.

Now, we get to the troubling part.
yarn for sweaters
This is my sweater stash. We see the Hex Coat and the Phildar Asymmetrical Cardigan in progress, and enough yarn for 9 more sweaters/tops/garments of some sort. Yikes.

Considering that in the past year I have only knit Orangina, Ms. Marigold (both hardly considered 'sweaters') and Tatami, my current stash should last me about three years.

yarn stash - random bits

And finally we arrive at the random bits. This is yarn left over from old projects, yarn for small projects, sweaters to be recycled, etc.

And now I have started a fabric stash too.

So, I have devised a new yarn/craft diet scheme. Until my stash reaches an acceptable size, I will only buy supplies (be it fabric or yarn and a pattern and all the necessary accoutrements) for ONE project (be it a hat, quilt, sweater, etc), after I have finished TWO projects.

Awesome. Now the fine print. "An acceptable size," I said. Hmmm. I will leave that to myself to determine at a later date. Given the fact that my stash is pretty large, and I haven't been a very productive knitter lately, the diet will probably last at least a year. The diet does not apply at Stitches West. I may engage in a preemptive stash enhancement, but only once before meeting my two-project quota. I may also save up stashing credits and splurge. So, to illustrate:
Say I finish one project and then go buy two skeins of Koigu. I now must finish 3 projects before purchasing again. In the same line, if I finish 4 projects without any preemptive stashing, then I may buy supplies for two projects.
Oh, and no fair knitting earwarmers for the neighbor's parakeet or anything like that just to have a finished object. That's cheating.

So, do you think I can do it?