Monday, February 12, 2007

Kimono, by popular demand

My sitemeter referrals are showing high demand for this FO. Therefore, without futher ado, I present the Sundara Yarn Tatami Kimono.

Pattern: Tatami Kimono from Sundara

Yarn: Sundara's Sport Merino in Drunken Plum (color evidently no longer available)
Mods: I made I-cord for the ties. The pattern calls for crocheted chains, but my crochet skills are not to be trusted, even for something so simple.
Started 12/28/06.
Finished 2/11/07.
Don't let the dates fool you - this was a pretty quick knit. It languished with only one seam finished, and no ties for over a month. The dropped stitches greatly increase the size of the sweater, and decrease the actual amount of knitting done. Think of it as a clapotis in sweater form! The construction is very clever, as it's knit all in one piece from the back, up and over the shoulders, split for the front, and ends at the bottom front. Seaming is minimal (yay!)
I love the colors in this yarn. Every skein was different, and though I did knit with two skeins at a time, I still got a little pooling here and there. I found myself cheering for color changes - "No, not green yet. Come on yellow - stay with me. Just a little longer!"
All in all, a great project.
Later this week, an update on the UFO resurrection project, and a very belated SP9 reveal.